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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  January 27, 2018 8:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. this morning, president trump back home and facing hard questions about seeking to fire robert mueller. who reportedly stood in the way and how congress may now step in to protect the special counsel. plus, why the president was booed in davos. support for the survivors. the rally at michigan state university calling for change. [ chanting "no more silence" ] following the sentencing of disgraced olympic doctor larry nassar. the school taking action and the usa gymnastics board resigning. >> they enabled this monster, they took his side over us for so long. faces of the flu. the virus claiming more lives. more than three dozen children
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dying from the flu along with baby boomers. >> he thought he could tough it out. >> why a robust immune system could actually work against you and should you be on tamiflu if someone in your house is infected? and going for glory. the high-flying athletes getting airborne at the x games. their extreme moves pushing the limit. >> backside rodeo. >> going for gold here and at the olympics. the names to watch competing for superstar of the slopes. all right, good morning, let's get right to our top story looking live at the white house where the president is waking up this morning after a quick overseas trip to switzerland. >> he arrived home overnight greeted by reporters shouting questions about the news that the president allegedly ordered the firing of special counsel robert mueller only to relent when the top white house lawyer reportedly threatened to resign. >> this morning democrats in
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congress are pushing for new legislation to protect the special counsel but will republicans join them? and does this news about trump and mueller bolster a possible case for obstruction of justice against the president? >> matthew dowd is standing by for analysis but we're going to begin with abc's david wright at the white house for us this morning. david, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, paula and dan. president trump arrived back here amid mounting questions over the russia probe especially that question of whether he tried to fire the special counsel. trump calls it fake news, but that alone won't satisfy his critics. as president trump returned to the white house, he was in no mood to answer questions about the russia probe. in davos, too, he dodged. >> mr. president, did you seek to fire mueller? >> fake news, folks. fake news. >> what's your message? >> typical "new york times" fake story. >> reporter: but overseas that line of attack -- >> and it wasn't until i became
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a politician that i realized how nasty, how mean, how vicious and how fake the press can be. >> reporter: -- didn't go over so well. [ booing ] the notion of fake news got booeed. abc news has now confirmed the president did seek to fire mueller last june one month into the job until according to "the times" white house counsel don mcgahn threatened to quit. at the time the president made no secret of his wish to be rid of mueller and the investigation. the president's longtime friend chris ruddy certainly had that impression and said so last june. >> i think he's considering perhaps terminating the special counsel. i think he's weighing that option. >> reporter: but at the time trump denied that was the case. >> i haven't given it any thought. >> reporter: any attempt to fire mueller could be a factor in an obstruction of justice case. >> i can't say that i'm surprised but i'm deeply disturbed by this president seeking to do something that to me is tantamount to
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authoritarianism. >> reporter: congress may now move to protect mueller by blocking the president's ability to fire a special counsel just in case. >> now in light of the president's intent, becoming clearer, i hope that that legislation would be taken up and passed immediately by both houses. >> and the important thing, though, the president hasn't fired him. the president has let him continue to go and go and go. >> reporter: congress now has several bills that would shield the special counsel. those bills proposed by the democrats but the republican chairman of the senate judiciary committee chuck grassley says he'd be open to it too. >> we want to check in with matthew dowd joining us from texas this morning. matthew, good morning. so, matthew, you're not a lawyer but you have been in the political game for a very long time so what's your take? does the latest news about trump and mueller bolster a possible case for obstruction of justice?
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>> yeah, you definitely don't want me being your lawyer even on a traffic ticket in this. but it doesn't take perry mason or matlock to begin to see clearly and to begin to build the case in the midst of this. what's fascinating to me in this, paula, is that not only is donald trump the subject of this investigation, but he's actually building a case against himself in the course of this by what he tweets and what he says and now allegedly we've heard what his actions were or what his actions he wanted to be in june, so i think this case is getting built and built and built more solidly. we'll know obviously when the special counsel mueller announces what he's going to do in this, but donald trump is the biggest part of the problem in this case against himself. >> as david wright reported, the democrats are now pushing for legislation to protect mueller. do you think republicans will join them and should they? >> well, we've often gone through these predictions. it's hard to predict what is going to happen in a kiddie soccer game where the ball is going to go so i don't really know what the republicans are
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going to do. my guess is they're going to say since this is going to wrap up, there's no need to pass this, since it's a short-term term thing that the special counsel will do so, so my guess is the republicans will beg off doing anything about that. >> and there's not a whole lot of scoring by the way in a kiddie soccer game. matthew, finally, how big of a task is president trump facing? he heads into the state of the union address on tuesday amidst all of this news. >> wellers it's a huge task. he goes into the state of the union with the lowest job approval rating of any president after his first year. his other speeches have been panned over the last year and i think what he needs to do is probably not what he's likely to do which is speak to a majority of the country, heal the divisions in our country and basically begin to have a moral voice in the country, something that he has found almost impossible to do. >> matt, thank you. matt dowd reporting in from austin, texas, this morning. we always appreciate it. >> thank you, matt. we turn to another major
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story. a rally on the campus of michigan state university in support of survivors of sexual abuse. >> students took to the streets after the sentencing of disgraced doctor, larry nassar, who sexually abused star athletes at the university as well as olympians and the rally comes as the school is choosing new leadership and usa gymnastics is overhauling its board and eva pilgrim is here and, eva, the fallout continues. >> reporter: good morning. this case may be over, but it is spurring a lot of real questions. larry nassar abused a staggering number of girls for more than 20 years under the guise of medical treatment. his victims now want to know who knew what, when and why no one stopped him. a sea of teal standing in support calling for change in the midst of the search for answers. [ chanting "no more silence" ] hundreds of michigan state students taking part in a demonstration overnight to support the more than 150 young girls, teens and college students sexually abused by larry nassar, the
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former usa gymnastics team doctor who also worked at the university. >> i have experienced flashback nightmares of the abuse. >> reporter: their powerful statement rocking the organizations that gave him access to them. some of the women sitting down with abc news. >> it didn't have to be this way. >> reporter: the fallout piling up. friday the msu athletic director announced he's stepping down just days after the university's president announced her departure. the entire u.s. gymnastics board ordered by the olympic committee to resign now complying. >> there were at least 17 officials at msu in some capacity whether coach, trainers or at least three sigh cole is who received report of what larry was doing. not a single one reported. not one. >> reporter: authorities in texas say there is now an investigation into the team's former training facility. the karolyi ramp, run by powerhouse coaching husband and wife team bela and marta karolyi
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and it's there that many way they were sexually abused and the board of trustees vowing to make sure this never happens again. >> we're awful sorry for the trouble we've caused those poor women. >> now an espn "outside the lines" investigation reveals a sexually hostile environment inside the men's basketball and football programs at michigan state. the football coach there, the head football coach saying he has reported every case brought to his attention but that's getting attention as well. >> a lot of hard questions facing that campus. eva, thank you very much. >> thanks, eva. we want to move to a guilty verdict for the man accused of killing former nfl player joe mcknight during a case of apparent road rage. >> ronald gasser has been convicted of manslaughter and he could face decades in prison, and kenneth moton is on the story from our washington bureau. kenneth, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan and paula. prosecutors in the deadly case of road rage outside new orleans wanted a second degree murder conviction, but after days of testimony and hours of deliberations, the jury came back with a lesser but still
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serious charge. charge. overnight, the man who shot and killed nfl player joe mcknight convicted of manslaughter. >> i think the jury did a great job. they were very attentive and really paid attention and put a lot of work into this and we absolutely respect the verdict and the family is very happy with the verdict. >> reporter: the jury spent seven hours deliberating on friday before finding ronald gasser guilty. the 56-year-old claims self-defense in the deadly confrontation that happened back in december 2016 when mcknight, a former new york jets running back allegedly cut gasser off on a bridge in louisiana leading to silver surveillance video video showing the two vehicles tailing each other and speeding through a turn before stopping at this light. police say mcknight got out and leaned toward gasser's passenger window. gasser admits pulling out his weapon and firing three shots at mcknight. the sheriff told abc news mcknight was unarmed when gasser opened fire. but this case came down to whether mcknight was in gasser's vehicle giving him the legal
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right to stand his ground. gasser's defense attorney matthew gun speaks to "the times picayu picayune" said they were extremely disappointed and that the state relied on a decade old incident to influence the jury referring to a road rage incident in 2006 when gasser punched another driver at the same intersection where he shot mcknight. >> just showed how he views other people on the street and interactions with them. it's always somebody else's fault. it was always -- he was always looking for a confrontation. >> reporter: gasser will be sentenced in march and faces up to 40 years in prison. the d.a. in jefferson parish says justice was served and, as you heard, mcknight's family is pleased with the verdict. dan and paula. >> thank you. we move on to the disturbing new numbers from the cdc on the flu epidemic. >> it is getting worse with more deaths, especially among children and baby boomers, and the flu season hasn't even reached its peak. dr. jen ashton is standing by with advice but we're going to begin with abc's
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marci gonzalez in los angeles with the latest on the efforts to fight this epidemic. marci, good morning. >> reporter: paula, dan, good morning. those latest numbers show flu activity in several places including here in california has actually decreased, but in other parts of the country, it is still spreading and showing no signs of slowing. this morning, new numbers from the cdc show the percentage of patients dying from the flu and pneumonia going up. among the victims, katherine acton, a healthy 47-year-old mother and bride-to-be dying suddenly this week in alabama after coming down with influenza. >> you can't -- you can't describe the loss, the hole you feel. >> reporter: in tennessee 33-year-old father craig childress. >> he didn't go to the doctor. he thought he could tough it out, i guess. he didn't get the flu shot this year. >> reporter: the cdc says 49 states are reporting widespread flu activity which is impacting the elderly the most. baby boomers also getting hit hard and so far, 37 children
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have died from the virus with experts estimating the actual number may be twice that. >> we know that about half of those pediatric deaths have no underlying medical conditions so they are otherwise healthy children. >> reporter: doctors warning that sometimes a robust immune system can actually work against a patient. >> a lot of times the biggest issue with the flu is that when you get in contact with it, your body's response to it, especially for a young, healthy person can be very aggressive. >> reporter: and across the country hospitals so far treating nearly 12,000 people with the flu this season still not at its peak. and some emergency rooms are so overcrowded they've had to divert ambulances. still, doctors stress that anyone with severe symptoms should not hesitate to seek medical attention. dan, paula. >> all right, marci gonzalez reporting from los angeles. we want to continue the conversation with our chief medical correspondent dr. jen ashton. jen, good morning. >> good morning, guys. >> so we're hearing a lot about who could, who should take tamiflu. can you break that down for us >> two main uses for antiviral
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medications and the generic form is oseltamivir. one is to treat someone who has been diagnosed with the flu or that you suspect has the flu. the other is for prevention or prophylaxis, so these are for people who had prolonged, direct contact with someone with known or suspected influenza and on a case-by-case basis it can be determined whether they should take tamiflu but there are high-risk groups and there's a long list. pregnant women, people 65 years of age or older, a weakened immune system from cancer or hiv or people with chronic medical condition, diabetes, any pulmonary condition, cardiac condition, asthma and people in long-term care facilities so it's a lot of people. they go on tamiflu to help reduce the risk that they will get sick if they've been in contact with someone with the flu. >> you talk about the 48-hour rule. what do you mean in this context? >> in the past conventional approach was if you didn't start antiviral therapy in 48 hours of someone's symptoms starting, it would do no good. now we do have some date that
8:15 am
even after that 48-hour window there can be some benefit particularly in these patients that are so high risk for serious complications. so bottom line, you shouldn't withhold treatment of it just because you're outside that 48-hour window. >> one thing that jumped out is those with robust immune systems can be vulnerable. that seems counterintuitive. >> exactly, so we're seeing these previously healthy people dying of the flu and have to stress, those are the rare cases, the majority are in people with chronic medical conditions. but when we see this happen in young, healthy people, the theory is that the immune response is so vigorous in fighting the infection, it also damages the lung tissue, so the analogy is lighting a candle with a match or a torch and the torch will damage the candle. >> it'll destroy the candle and there have been so many pediatric deaths. historically those pediatric deaths, did they have a vaks says. >> we asked the cdc about the stats for this season, paula, and they don't know how many
8:16 am
of the pediatric deaths have been vaccinated but in the past 80% of pediatric deaths are occurring in children who did not get the vaccine. it's still not too late to get vaccinated. it is one of the best things we can do to protect ourselves. >> bottom line, take this seriously. >> absolutely. >> and keep those hands clean. get vaccinated. >> and it's in my household so i'm taking it very seriously. >> oh. >> my daughter. >> are you on tamiflu? >> my daughter has the flu. she's on tamiflu and i am on tamiflu because i do deal with pregnant patients and as a preventive measure. no glt ever don't shoo me off. >> no, we ice jams across the northeast, lower susquehanna. high alert for potential more flooding through the next day or two. delaware river, as well.
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all susceptible to this sort of scene. we'll have temperatures above average in the 50s across the northeast. more seasonal down in the south. we'll get 20s and teens across the midwest and detroit 29 degrees. we have rain across parts of southeast texas, flood watch posted moves off toward the east, could see 2 to 3 inches of rainfall with this system. tail end of this up along the northeast, maybe enough cold air to make it turn into snow. we'll talk about. local weather now. >> reporter: i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. we have sunshine, temperatures in the mid to up 50s today. it's going to be a real nice one. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, temperature-wise not too bad,
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54. expect clouds and periods of rain early on. monday, sun to clouds, 46. tuesday morning there could light snow around, 36 degrees. ? >> what do you mean back here? >> let's see how you behave in the interim. >> yes, sir. >> we enjoy you. >> i think you can be here. >> rob being inside in a warm studio. >> ron would miss you if you weren't right next to him, wouldn't you, ron? >> probably. >> you know, i'll take that. i'll take that. >> that is a good answer. >> the news department. >> we're going to begin with breaking news actually out of afghanistan where the taliban have claimed responsibility for a deadly bombing overnight in kabul. the afghan health ministry reporting that at least 40 people have been killed and 140 injured in an explosion in the center of the afghan capital. the ministry says the suicide bomber was driving an ambulance to get through a checkpoint. and this morning democrats are calling on the republican national committee to return donations
8:19 am
made by its finance chairman vegas casino mogul steve wynn as "the wall street journal" reports that dozens of female workers, casino workers are accusing him of sexual misconduct and the report claiming some of the women would hide from him. others refusing to be alone with him in a room. he has called them preposterous. in pennsylvania, teenagers being hailed as a hero for preventing a possible shooting at this school. near pittsburgh, the student overhearing a 14-year-old classmate on the bus allegedly talks about planning to shoot four students. that student then recording the conversation and contacting police. police say they found an arsenal of weapons in the suspect's bedroom. he now faces multiple charges. troubling new data released by the nfl showing that the number of concussions reported by players in 2017, last year, was the highest as it's been in six years. 281 concussions reported during the preseason and season. the biggest jump was in those
8:20 am
occurring in the preseason. 91 concussions reported. 46 during preseason games and 45 during practice. the league saying it's looking into what may have caused this dramatic increase. tiger woods narrowly making the cut for this weekend's farmers' insurance open in torrey pines near san diego, california. the seven-time farmers winner making his first pga tour cut since 2015. >> that's incredible it's been that long. >> yeah, and check this out. woods rallied with four birdies in the past -- last nine holes. pretty amazing, the one-time top player in the world plagued by injuries in recent years and said he's happy to be competing again. quite a surge at the end. and finally, a dramatic rescue in georgia after a cat got trapped in a drainpipe for four days. crews using a bobcat, the machine, not a real bobcat. >> thank you. >> not the big cat. >> to remove a huge block of stone from the home in rossville and then cutting open the pipe. >> ah. >> after about 30 minutes you see that, they are finally able to get the kitty out. >> hungry. >> hungry, but unharmed.
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eight lives left to go, i would say. >> yeah. >> and still smarter than dogs. >> well, wait a minute. wait a minute. >> i was going to see how that went. >> from our cat person here. >> dropping bombs. >> catman. >> cats are just apathetic. >> that cat didn't look apathetic. that cat looked hungry and very much in the game. >> he didn't want to give anybody any love even though his life was saved. >> the controversial debate. >> from the man who has both a cat and dog. all right. we will continue this argument in the next half hour. also coming up, a much more serious story. the billionaire murder mystery, a pharmaceutical mogul and his wife found dead in their mansion. the new twist in this case. and mind-blowing moves at the high-flying x games. it's an olympic warm-up for many athletes so who is soaring among the competition. >> that's rob. >> is it really? and what tom cruise is revealing about the next "mission: impossible" movie coming coming up with adrienne. "good morning america" is brought to you by taltz.
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let's think about what goes in hoh., renee. and we think ba-blam's gonna kill the stomach flu? i'm scared to use the facilities. i don't blame you. if you want clean, your cleaner needs bleach in it. clorox means clean. a pleasant good morning to you, 8:27 a.m., january 27. the eagles have their last practice today before they go to
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minneapolis for the super bowl. let's go over to chris sowers with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: they will play in a dome, it is very, very cold there next sunday. today, breezy and sun, 57 degrees. tomorrow, damp and rain early on, 54. we start pulling back next week. 46 monday, 36 tuesday, light snow in the morning, another 36 for wednesday. >> thank you for the update. "action news" is back in 30 minutes, now stay tuned for more "good morning america." we just moved in about four months ago,
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hey, welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. happening right now some tough questions. president trump back at the white house after a quick overseas trip to switzerland facing questions about the news he reportedly ordered the firing of special counsel robert mueller only to relent when the top white house lawyer reportedly threatened to resign. democrats are now pushing for new legislation to protect the special counsel. also right now, a search for raul. the fbi is now heading the investigation into a missing 4-year-old boy in north carolina. raul gonzalez johnson was last seen with his grandfather on wednesday. authorities say they are unsure if the boy was abducted or if he wandered away on his own. and caroline wozniacki claiming her first grand slam title winning this year's aussie open. tennis' number two seed beating
8:31 am
top ranked player simona halep in the women's final, 7-6, 3-6, 6-4. now, on the men's side roger federer will take on marin cilic in the men's final on sunday if you want to get up at 3:00 in the morning eastern time to watch that. a little context. >> we are up at that timeway. >> we are up at that time. a little context. federer is going after his 30th grand slam title. for wozniacki it took 43 majors and two field attempts to win her first grand slam title. >> which number, 30 or 20? >> 30. >> 30? >> maybe 20. >> maybe 20 i'll bet. >> good to have on set fact checkers. >> as we have said we have been up since 3:00 a.m. blame it on the time. coming up, speaking of sport, some of the greatest athletes from around the world competing in the winter x games. who will take home a medal? it will be awesome to watch. first the deepening mystery over the violent death of a billionaire married couple. >> at first there was speculation it was a murder/sued but now police are calling it something much different. erielle reshef has the chilling
8:32 am
details. >> reporter: good morning, paula. their deaths shocked the community and their family now calling for justice. now for the first time police say honey and barry sherman were targeted and murdered in their toronto home. this morning, police now calling the mysterious deaths of one of the world's wealthiest couples a double homicide. >> i'm saying that the shermans were targeted in this event. >> reporter: the case initially sparking questions of a murder/suicide. authorities now say billionaires honey and barry sherman were both murdered. their toronto estate turned crime scene. >> they figured it was a double murder because of the manner and method of how they died and they had ligature marks on their wrists which suggests they were tied up before they were killed. >> reporter: the couple found dead in mid-december by a real estate agent preparing for an open house at their sprawling
8:33 am
three-story $7 million mansion. >> hanging by belts from a poolside railing in a semi seated position on the pool deck. they were wearing their clothing. >> reporter: homicide detectives keeping a tight lid on their investigation. >> i'm not going to discuss any motives. >> reporter: friday giving this clue about a possible lead. >> a person is outstanding for this event. >> reporter: the shermans built a $3.2 billion pharmaceutical empire. >> when we started apotex in 1974 almost 40 years ago -- >> reporter: philanthropists known for giving tens of millions to charity. >> we just wanted to make sure that future generations would have a place that they could call home. >> reporter: their children convinced from the outset their parents were both victims ordering an independent autopsy and now saying the announcement by the toronto police service that the tragic deaths of their parents are being investigated as a double homicide was anticipated. police say their investigation took six weeks partially because of the size of the shermans' home. authorities combing through hundreds of hours of surveillance video and canvassed a second property,
8:34 am
guys, outside of canada. >> horrifying story. erielle, thank you very much. let's check the weather yet again on this saturday morning and we have allowed rob to stay at the desk. >> thank you. thank you for doing that. just got back from -- >> but go now. >> now i may go? nobody likes being told what to do. >> tough crowd. >> here you go. let's show you this video out of breckenridge, colorado. international snow sculpting competition, 25-ton block are set out for the international artist to come in. they work for five days about 60 hours total or more to come up with the incredible sculptures there will be judged and viewed over the weekend. the winners will be announced shortly. i was in steam boat springs colorado. they are starting to increase the snow pack here. the next storm expreesm northwest, washington -- stream northwest, washington. significant rainfall there, and more snow in the was -- cascades
8:35 am
and the southern rockies, as well. is an in -- assistant at -- approaching 90 degrees in san diego. that's a check on what's happening out west. here's the local forecast. here you go. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. the winds will be whipping around here, as well. 57 degrees, gusts up to 30 miles per hour out of the south pumping the temperatures into the mid to upper 50s. giving it somebody else. >> are you really hurt? no. >> are y grand slam. its his 30th grand slam
8:36 am
appearance but he's going for 20. >> okay, so we're both right, is that what you're saying? >> no, i was wrong. >> i think she's saying you're right. >> i was wrong and you're right. >> yeah. >> record this. >> give me the jewels. give me the jewels now. >> i literally have never heard her say those words. >> i'm sorry. >> robert, we love you. you can't hurt steel. coming up on "gma," who's got the x factor? the stars -- the star athletes competing in the x games going for gold. paula. and this bud's for you. budweiser's super bowl commercial with real-life employees as the stars straight ahead in "pop news" but we're not having any budweiser on set, are we? >> chocolate cake, though. >> ooh, yes. i wanted to turn everything i love about you into one thing you'll love forever. the jared valentine's day diamond event. save up to $1,000 off any diamond when you buy her setting at jared. and let our expert jewelers help you find or create the one ring that could only come from you
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and help make more tomorrows possible. ♪
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♪ they are the games with the insane tricks. >> i'm dizzy just looking at that the tricks that are going to take your breath away and this year the winter x games are expected to provide even more jaw-dropping moments and zachary kiesch joins us with more. >> hey, good morning. they call it the x games because they're extreme. they leave it all out there. back when this whole thing
8:41 am
started and espn started airing the competition in '95, the athletes were on the fringes fighting for respect. well, now, things have changed. the winter x games are all about going big and stretching the limits. it's all about redefining boundaries and checking your fear at the door. these athletes battle it out on the mountain and in the air. >> it's insane. >> oh, the x games has a huge influence on my sport. i really think it's the backbone of action sports. and snowboarding. >> backside rodeo. that's a new one for jamie anderson. >> reporter: on friday high-flying olympian jamie anderson returned to the x games podium claiming her 14th title. >> that's a pretty color. >> big air, you only focus on one jump and doing your biggest trick so that's where progression happens. >> reporter: anderson's olympic teammate 17-year-old hail lay langland would join her in this memorable big air performance. >> oh, my goodness. ladies and gentlemen. >> i definitely have a lot more time on the jump to do certain
8:42 am
things as opposed to someone who is a little bit taller than i am. >> reporter: also 17, a rising star in the world of snowboarding, chloe kim, already a legend in aspen she's going for her fourth x games gold this year. >> i want to do the best i can and the halfpipe is amazing. we'll see what happens. >> reporter: if you're looking for an underdog to root for, 22-year-old torin yater-wallace is a good one to look toward. vying for a second shot at an olympic medal. you know, many of these athletes have become household names and the events are now recognized by the olympics. it's amazing to see what these guys do out there. they're fearless. it's inspiring. >> it's -- >> inspiring and also terrifying. >> yes, terrifying would be the right word. >> you wouldn't do it? you don't do it? >> no, dan and i are very comfortable. >> right here? >> right here in the studio. >> with our feet on the ground. >> we switch between the set and on the couch. >> not together, by the way. that would be a little awkward. >> do you ski, though? i know i just saw this guy out
8:43 am
west. >> me? >> no. >> i skied twice in my life and i slid down on my butt the whole time. >> these are the athletes on the set. >> i just filmed a ski jumping story that will air next week here on "gma." >> oh, cool. >> i mean, i jumped and -- >> what's your form for ski jumping, by the way? >> we'll go over that next week. let's get back to the news. >> all right. the news? the x games. if you want to watch five hours of coverage of the x games starting at 1:00 eastern make sure you tune in to abc and you can also stream it live on the espn app. i cannot wait to see your story. >> i just told you what to do. >> you did? >> got back at you. ordered you around. >> felt good, didn't it? >> zachary, thank you. coming up on "gma," the new trends in travel. don't pack your suitcase until you see our "weekend download." keep it here. but we know a lot about drama. from scandalous romance, to ridiculous plot twists. (gasping) son? dad! we also know you can avoid drama by getting an annual check-up. so we're partnering with cigna to remind you to go see a real doctor.
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8:47 am
welcome back, everyone. in today's "weekend download," 2018's travel trends and i recently spoke to abc's travel and lifestyle editor genevieve shaw brown. i'm not sure about this. you say that barns are all the rage for travelers in 2018. barns? >> yes, yes, but this is not sleeping with the cattle so refurbished barn stays are up 50% compared to last year according to home away. the large vacation rental website and these barns all across the u.s. and are gorgeous. media rooms, water views, pool tables. and the best part is the price. they can be had for as little as $10 per person per night. >> could probably fit a lot more. >> you just changed my mind about barns. what else? >> we've heard about the multigenerational vacation by now but what's really trending this year is the skip-gen vacation, so essentially this is grandparents taking grandkids on trips of a lifetime so as boomers are retiring, they're
8:48 am
prioritizing travel and family as their goals and grandkids are going on great vacations and parents being left behind. >> which is a great bonus for the parents. there's something in it for everybody, exactly. and cruises, there's a lot of new things going on in the world of cruises. >> right, so, you know, they're not generally looked at as the most health conscious vacation option but that's been changing in recent years. so the next time you get on a ship look for things like canyon ramp, flywheel, trx rip training, familiar names are making their ways onto the trip. more active short excursions. >> you're saying we have to work out on vacation? >> you don't have to but you can. you can. healthier dining options and a wellness program on board the ship. >> great advice as always, genevieve. let's take our families on a vacation to a barn. >> or a cruise. >> or let's go for the barn. >> or let them go with their grandparents. >> i love all of these options.
8:49 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by blue buffalo. you love your pets like family so feed them like family with blue. i feel like we haven't had enough adrienne bankert this morning. let's fix that. >> i agree. >> all right. >> more cow bell and more adrienne. >> let's do it. well, we're learning more about the new "mission: impossible" movie. thank you for that introduction, dan. thanks to the secret agent himself, star tom cruise he just released his image on instagram. >> that's him. >> leaping over buildings in a single bound like superman. >> i love that guy. he does most of his stunts, ron claiborne. >> that's why he gets hurt, yeah. the caption on this post is get ready for the most thrilling mission yet. a date earlier he showed another photo on chagoury. he shared this, we just upped
8:54 am
the ante for the sixth "mission: impossible." i can't wait for you to see more and revealed it's called "mission: impossible fallout." he did break his ankle shooting one of those stunts back in august. shooting suspended for two months. ooh. >> ouch. >> rough. >> yeah. >> that's a rough landing. >> anyway, the movie is not until july, let's not play that again. super bowl fever. >> three times is enough. you'll love this. you know we have a soft spot on the weekends and have a sneak peek at budweiser's commercial and it is a tearjerker. it features real-life footage, real employees who served up relief, boots on the ground during the company's emergency water program to send cans of water to xhieptss hit hard by the recent natural disasters. ♪ no, i won't be afraid now, they always give out donations but with the pace of this year's disasters hurricane harvey, irma, maria, you had devastation in texas, florida, puerto rico, wildfires in california, they shipped nearly 3 million of cans of water to them.
8:55 am
>> cheers to that. >> i feel like the people who will be crying are the eagles fans. >> wait. we were talking about a positive -- >> what else do you have, adrienne? >> let's move along. >> what's your favorite song from the classic "west side story"? "america." "feel pretty." ♪ i feel pretty i'm so pretty >> it's the jets and the sharks all over again. steven spielberg is producing the newest version to be written by tony winner tone think kushner who gave us "lincoln." some called the adaptation of the broadway show the best movie musical of all time and casting now. ♪ maria >> okay, get this. you have permission to eat chocolate cake for breakfast. they are not paying attention to a word coming out of my mouth because they're shoving chocolate cake in theirs. jupiter's restaurants are locations in manhattan, boca raton and foxwoods resort delivered these delicious-looking beauties available online. you can get some chocolate cake. charles schulz said chocolate is important. all you need is love but a
8:56 am
little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt. >> that's right. >> wise words. wise words as always for you. thank you for the "pop news." see you back here tomorrow morning, guys. ? really good. >> yum. >> i'm gray hall along with christie ileto. >> coming up next only "action news" saturday at 9:00 a.m., super bowl excitement and added security measures for fans at home and how players are spending their final day before leaving for minnesota. those stories and the forecast all next on "action news" saturday morning. we'll be right back.
8:57 am
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you, saturday -- a pleasant good morning to you, it's saturday, january 27 i'm gray hall alongside christie ileto. >> philadelphia and minute
9:00 am
appear -- minneapolis are 18 hours away, why are super bowl security measures taking place here, we'll explain. >> a fire overnight in the frankford section. what was found in a 14-year-old's bedroom after reports of a plan school shooting. those stories, but first meteorologist chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. it's going to be spring like today. >> reporter: it's going to be nice today, after a chilly start, the in connection with rebound. 41 in millville. 44 in dover. 40 in cape may. reading, allentown, poconos, 28 degrees and trenton checking in at 33. another thing you'll notice along with the mild temperatures, the wind speeds will pick up. we'll see sustained winds anywhere from 15 to 20 miles per hour. occasionally we could have gusts as high as 30 miles per hour. we have a forecast


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